Meetu Sehgal Tarot Card Reader

We are all 'seekers' who are in search of something or the other, be it health, wealth, happiness, abundance, prosperity, or love. Any kind of search begins with an idea, belief, or desire. Whether you get what you want easily or not depends on the energy pattern you have.

Simply put, an energetic blueprint means "you will attract who you are." If you come from a place of abundance, you will attract abundance into every part of your life. If you come from a place of lack, this lack will manifest in your life, even if you keep thinking consciously. So how do we change our energy model?

She practices in many alternative paths,
@Tarot Cards help you find your energy plan as well as guide you for the future.

@Energy Healing like Reiki, Angel Therapy, Magnified Healing, etc. It helps you to heal any blockage or stuck energy in your existence.

@NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Life Coaching help you achieve goals and objectives, achieve success and confidence, and give you the ability to handle difficult situations like interviews, board meetings, public speaking, and other similar situations We do.

@EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Your energy blueprint helps uncover and heal blockages and self-sabotaging belief systems so that life becomes a little easier and more intuitive.

The focus of my work is on helping you heal your emotional baggage to feel more relaxed and at peace and @ Heal your self-sabotage pattern to change your energy pattern. This in turn changes the way life responds to you.

Healing feelings and resolving self-sabotaging patterns bring you to a place that empowers you and connects you to the infinite source of love, strength, fulfillment, and fulfillment within yourself. When you connect to this source, life doesn't seem like a struggle. It is smooth, fluid,  and without any resistance. It becomes easier to manifest your dreams, connect with your passion and work on your life's calling.

Join me to learn online tarot card reading and how this coaching and healing process can help you and discuss your needs.

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