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There are times in life when everyone needs guidance, answers to questions, and someone who can hold their hand and walk them through the difficult time, toward their betterment. Someone who can guide them to happiness, fulfillment, and abundant and content life. Meet Christinaa Josan who is a Healer, a Tarot Card Reader, an Angel Card Reader, Angel Tarot Card Reader, and a Spiritual Teacher; and has been successfully running her spirituality-based practice, professionally, for almost fifteen years, after she left the corporate for good to follow her Life Purpose and live her dream to bring peace to this world. She loves to work with the Ascended Masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali, and others, and the Angelic Realm. She does all her healing work and card reading with their guidance and direction.

Christinaa Josan is a born Psychic and Clairvoyant, who connects with the Angelic Realm during her Tarot and Angel Card Reading sessions, to get the best and highly accurate answers for the questioner/seeker. She does Tarot Card Reading, Angel Tarot Card Reading and Angel Oracle Card Reading, and is also a healing expert and spiritual teacher.

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Since her childhood, she has had many spiritual experiences and was able to see, hear and feel the spiritual realm. Even as a child she used to receive premonitions,  epiphanies, and dreams about what would happen in the future. She receives messages from the Angels through dreams, and visions and can hear them. You can book an online tarot card reading session with Christinaa Josan here - click.

Christinaa's areas of expertise are:

Tarot Card Reading - Tarot Card Reading helps in getting in-depth answers to one's questions and guidance in every area of life, through the mystery of life - the 78 cards deck of Tarot

Angel Tarot Card Reading - Angel Tarot Card Reading is different from the traditional Tarot Card Card Reading, as the Angel Tarot Cards have a particular message from the Angelic Realm, which help resolve issues from the root cause level, along with the original meaning of the Tarot card, giving more in-depth and spiritual answers and guidance.

Angel Card Reading - In an Angel Card Reading session, Angel Oracle Cards are used, which have beautiful messages from the Angelic Realm, and help a person on a larger scale by giving spiritual answers which are extremely beneficial in the long run and help heal the issues from the core.

Angelic Healing - This is a very gentle yet extremely powerful form of healing that can actually change a person's life or the situation they're in all 360° degrees. In this the Angelic Realm - Archangels and Angels are evoked; and they perform the healing and guide the healer in performing healing and also give important messages to the healer for the seeker/client. Angelic Healing is known to bring about miracles in one's life while elevating a person spiritually.

Reiki Healing - Reiki is a form of energy healing, where the energy of God or the universe is channeled by the healer, also using symbols for a specific purpose of healing, like negativity removal, balancing of energy, enhancing the energies, for specific ailments, example - symbols for healing tumor, infections, love relationship, etc. It helps in healing every area of life. 

Past Life Regression - In this form of healing the healer guides a person to their past lives through hypnosis. Past Life Regression helps heal issues in the present life which are actually connected to traumas, karmic ties, vows, etc. of the past lives.

Akashic Record Reading - In this therapy, a person's records of life events from the past, present, and future are accessed by the healer, so that necessary steps can be taken by the seeker to make important life changes.

Hypnotherapy/Mind Programming - This is a gentle form of hypnosis where a person's subconscious mind is tapped into, and deep-rooted issues are healed.

Crystal Therapy - Crystals have been used for more than thousands of years for their properties of healing, enhancing energy, radiating positive energy, absorbing negativity, etc. As the name suggests, this form of healing uses crystals and crystal grids for specific purposes, like money, relationship, healing ailments, etc. 

Come, take a step towards your betterment.

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