Meaning of Death Tarot Cards

The death card shows a skeleton riding a white horse and wearing black armor. Just as the skeleton represents life after death, the armor represents the uncertainty of death and invincibility. Black represents mourning and mystery, and white represents purity and power. Black represents death while a white five-petaled rose represents beauty, purity, and immortality, with five representing transformation. Death is not just about the end of life, as these symbols together signify. Death is an end and a beginning, a birth and a rebirth, a transformation, and a transformation. There is beauty in death and it is an integral part of our existence.

The skeletal figure of a king appears to have died while a young woman, child, and bishop beg for his mercy. But death spares no one.

death tarot-card

As the camera pans, a boat floats down the river, like boats used to carry the deceased to the afterlife. In a sense, the Sun dies every night and is reborn every morning between the two towers, which is also depicted in the Moon tarot cards.

You can experience this change almost anywhere, but it will almost certainly be permanent, significant, and unconditional. The death of a loved one means a complete break with the past and the future. While death can bring a sense of loss, it serves a natural and important purpose in life that ultimately leads to acceptance. If you accept the changes instead of fighting them, it will be easier for you to move on. Be prepared to lose a friend, your job, your marriage, or even your life, but don't dwell on the negative.

Your soul's night ends with a death card. The sun is rising in the background - you have experienced a lot and are finally moving into the stage of love and light.

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Their timid habits are represented by armored skeletons. You may smoke or eat junk food, date unhealthy people or work in an unhealthy environment, to name a few of these bad habits. It's taken you a long time to accept that these behaviors have controlled your life for far too long and it's time to end them.

The white flower in the black flag symbolizes innocence and new beginnings. The five petals symbolize the soul, so the death tarot can symbolize the forgiveness of your wounds and the beginning of a new relationship, job, or change of place.

Honest death tarot card

It may seem alarming to draw a card at the end while reading about your relationship, but it can simply mean that the relationship is coming to an end; It can also mean that it is reaching the end of a phase.

Termination or change in a relationship is not necessarily due to the termination of the relationship. A new chapter may start in your love life or your relationship, eg. B. to commit, change clothes, have a baby, or give up on something. New possibilities open up for you as a couple.

Honest Death Tarot Card Symbols

• Change

• Conversions

• Crossing

• the ending

In tarot decks, death is the most feared card and is widely misunderstood. The power of this card deters many people from mentioning it. When people read the name of a card, they take it literally. The true meaning of death is the most positive of all the cards in the deck.

When you draw a death card, it signifies that you are entering a new phase in your life. You have to close one door to open another. To focus your energy on your future, you have to put the past behind you.

Love - Upright Death Tarot Card

Death tarot card meanings in love and relationships can indicate stuck feelings or a relationship that is no longer working. An already established relationship must adapt to change in order to survive. You may want to end the relationship if it didn't go well, especially if you were unhappy in the relationship. When the Death Tarot Card closes one door, another opens. Death is hard to accept, but through the change of one partner or the other, both individuals can grow. Second, remember that these are only suggestions and you have a choice whether to accept the change in a relationship or leave it.

The changes that death in love can bring are scary at first, but they can also be positive. Instead, it may mean changing the attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors you've been discarding, which can help you build stronger, healthier relationships.

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Career - Upright Death Tarot Card

The honest death card may indicate that the time has come to switch your career and if you have given it some thought. If you do nothing, life can force you to change jobs if you remain apathetic, apathetic, and hopeless in your current situation. There may be reasons to stick to your current paths, such as B. Stability, certainty, and security, but when you are incomplete or unchallenged, you lose much more than you are comfortable with. It is common to see one door closed and the other open; Embrace the current changes and immerse yourself.

Health - Upright Death Tarot Card

No reason to panic! Whenever the Death Tarot card appears, it rarely symbolizes physical death. To achieve optimal health, you have to make some big changes. Can you improve your health by taking steps that may seem daunting, such as: eating healthily or avoiding alcohol? In this case, make the necessary adjustments.

Spirituality - Upright Death Tarot Card

To receive spiritual lessons, including death, it is necessary to drop old mental structures. The key to an authentic life is to discard old patterns of behavior and thought. Your spiritual development should be a priority. Reading, contemplating, and studying Universal Law can help us understand it.

Reverse death tarot card

Although it looks different, the inverted death tarot card still shows far-reaching changes. When the card is turned upside down there is another aspect to it: too much resistance. We can all resist this trend.

The meaning of the reversal of death is also related to resistance to change. Perhaps you are unsure about the changes you need to make to move forward, or are worried about letting go of the past. It's possible that resisting change and holding onto the past can make you feel like you're in limbo. If you are considering making changes in your life, you should evaluate how you have dealt with them. Chances are you are withholding necessary changes for fear of the unknown. While you may still be scared, take the right steps and move on. If you fight with the passage of time, you will only end up with regrets. The Death Card doesn't have to be a source of regret, especially if you follow its advice.

Love - Reverse Death Tarot Cards

Conversely, the Death Tarot card may indicate that you resist change in terms of relationships and romance. If you are stuck in a relationship that is stagnant and no longer helpful, neither of you will grow as an individual. The relationship can also be a source of dependency, or you stay together only because you feel comfortable, committed, or afraid to be alone.

But there is also a possibility to revive old connections. In order to truly engage in a loving relationship, the death sign in a love tarot reading may indicate that you need to avoid negative patterns and dynamics. It can be difficult for you to find a partner who loves and respects you and who will love and respect you in return if you have self-esteem or savior complexes.

Career - Reverse Death Tarot Card

Your career or job may change, as is the case with the straight version of the card. The opposite may be true, and you will be doing everything in your power to resist this change. Even if the work environment is unhealthy and the pay is low or the projects are monotonous, you can still have a positive outlook. We cannot escape change, be it in our careers or other areas of our lives. Let's welcome it instead of stopping it. We see a chakra slowly disintegrating and when we cling to the chakra which is not destined to continue in our lives, we destroy it. Such a map may also represent negative repetitive patterns in the workplace. What to do against self-sabotage? Making mistakes and being defensive? Imposter syndrome affects your interactions with coworkers, do you agree? Let go of whatever it takes to break free from these unhealthy patterns.

Health - Reverse Death Tarot Card

A death drawn back indicates a grasping for change. Are you living in a professional or personal situation out of fear rather than growth? Your carrier and/or bank account may need to be genuine for this card to be effective. If you get to read about your career, you probably want to move on and improve. In the event of death dragging you back, reiterate that being stuck is worse in the long run than facing your fear of change. You should not worry about the fear of change at this point and start embracing it.

Spirituality - Reverse Death Tarot Cards

Are you not afraid of change in your spiritual progress? Whatever happens, will happen for good. If you cling to your desires in material life, you may not be able to move forward fully in your spiritual life.