Inexperienced Tarot Reader and Damage

I remember opening my first tarot deck. Oh, a sense of anticipation as I tore off the cellophane casing, opened the lid, and carefully took the card out of the box! I couldn't wait to go to work as soon as I put them in front of me!

My first few readings were clumsy, which is to be expected. But after a while, I started getting the benefit of it. What helped: Lots of practice on real people. It also meant making mistakes and learning from them.

inexperienced Tarot Reader

I was in no hurry to turn my hobby into a career. In fact, I had no interest in becoming a tarot professional. To be honest, I never thought such a thing would happen. But after ten years of constant practice, it really became my profession - I've been studying professionally ever since. (Psst... I've been a pro for over thirty years, but have been actively learning about tarot for forty years!)

During skill development, I provided some readings that were unhelpful. In fact, they did the damage. No matter how good I meant it, the delivery was either crappy, too blunt, or fatalistic with no helpful advice. But I was young and this was my hobby lesson. These readings taught me a lot about the subtle nuances in cards and how to show them with empathy, practicality, and professionalism. The ten years I've spent honing my skills have prepared me to step into the job with some serious tarot tricks - and people skills.

Still, I made mistakes over and over again, especially early in my career. Every so often I would go back to the drawing board and keep learning. That's what professionals do.

Every once in a while over the years, I've sat at my tarot table with another reader's horror story. Like the schizophrenic man who was told by a tarot card reader to get off his meds. Or the woman who went on a gambling spree with the "winning number," only to lose big. These readings often come from inexperienced tarot readers who turned supporters too soon.


So I had to clean up the mess.

Some of these inexperienced readers even meant well. But good intentions are not enough when you are being paid to provide a useful tarot reading. People trust you, and if you don't have the skills or compassion, you can do serious harm.

Usually, this is because new readers are in a hurry to monetize their passion. Maybe you've completed a six-week course and you're convinced it's "fun" and "easy money." Or maybe they got some good readings and got a "gift" and should go pro. They never stop to think about some of the dire situations that could arise on their tarot tables - and no six-week course will prepare you for them.

You need time and lots of practice.

While this may sound daunting to some, it is meant as practical advice. Lastly, would you hire someone to replace your car's engine just because they changed the oil on their vehicle too many times? No, you want an experienced professional who knows what they are doing.

A good tarot reader should know the cards inside and out without relying on the little white book. They should also be able to convey information in a useful and sensitive manner. They should know how to listen to the questioner and provide voice guidance. This doesn't happen straight out of the tarot box. Only with time and constant practice do these parts come together.

nexperienced Tarot Reader and Damage

Look, I've been in this game for a long time and I'm still taking lessons. I read every book I can lay my hands on, and I follow the readers. I never want to be so arrogant that I think I can't learn anything new.

I take my craft seriously. People trust me for what I am doing. I hope that every tarot reader or astrologer I see will have the same dedication to their work.

If you want to become a professional tarot reader, please do not rush to make it your career. Continue to take classes, including business classes. Find one or two mentors you trust and continue learning with them. Practice yourself and others often. Learn more about social skills - and how you can mentor people in challenging situations. Get metrics from the pros and see what they do. Foam, rinse, and repeat for the rest of your life.

Then do your work, and you don't harm anyone.