Best Online Tarot Card Reading Website 2022 - Where to Find Psychics and Fortune Tellers for Free Tarot Reading

At some point in our lives, it's natural to question or even doubt everything.

Where is my love life going? What is my next career step? How can I reconnect with my family?

I was there. I know how it feels to be lost without direction. But things finally started to change for me thanks to online tarot card reading.

The Tarot - an ancient deck of 78 cards - can provide valuable insight into possible outcomes when searching for answers.

But it's important to get credible advice from qualified psychics when you begin to delve into the mysteries of the deck. Do not rely solely on AI reading or reading the cards yourself without actual experience or knowledge. Trust me, I learned it the hard way.

So I wanted to share my experience with the most popular online tarot sites ever like Kasamba

Many of these services also offer discounts and free readings, which is a great way to save $$$ when looking for a tarot reader.

Here's what I found.

Best Online Tarot Reading - First Look

1. Kasamba - Best Tarot Readers

2. Keen - Mobile App for Tarot Reading on the go

3. Psychic Sources - Revealing the Readings of the Angel Cards

4. AskNow - Compassionate Love Tarot Reader

5. Oranum - Live Online Tarot Reading via Video

1. Kasamba - All Round Best Online Tarot Card Reading Platform

With a huge range of psychics available, I believe Kasamba is the leader in online spiritual readings and when looking for "tarot readings near me", my personal first choice.

It's not always easy to find a reader that's a good match for you, but Kasamba makes the process as easy as possible. While Kasamba has been offering online tarot readings for over 20 years, what really sets this network apart is the experience of tarot masters you will find there.

Revealing Tarot Card Reading

They provide practical readings that use the Tarot as a tool for divine information about a person's circumstances. Their long-standing reputation is also one of the biggest advantages. they have time to find out what people expect most from their ministry and act on it

In my opinion, they have taken tarot reading to the point where it is an art form and I have always learned more about myself and my current life situation by spending time on the site.

Tarot Card Readings

  • love reading 
  • aura readings 
  • rune casting 
  • forecast 
  • dream analysis 
  • read astrology 
  • career predictions 
  • Palm reading 
  • past life readings 
  • psychic readings 
  • numerical reading

Features and special offers

Once on the site, you can choose your tarot reader by viewing the reviews. Are you looking for someone who is familiar with a certain area? Ratings make searching easy.

They offer 3 free minutes of free reading for every new reader you try. This is in contrast to some other tarot reading sites that limit free minutes to your first reading.

You can also find working accurate tarot psychics through online chat, phone calls, or email.

2. Online Tarot Card Reading - Best Online Tarot Card Reader for Love Advice

Are you specifically looking for Love Tarot Readings? Reading tarot cards online is one of the most popular options for romance advice.

Of their 47 tarot card readers, 44 have a secondary focus on a love reading. This ensures that you can consult experienced psychologists using the necessary tools while getting the subject-specific guidance you want.



1. love and relationships

2. money and finance

3. Profession and Goals

4. Spiritual Guide

5. Numerology

6. Astrological Readings

7. Previous Birth

8. Dream Analysis

9. Features and special offers

The communication methods for online tarot card reading are limited as they only provide psychic readings via phone and chat. However, they also allow you to notify psychics directly through your account.

3. Oranum - Best Live Streaming Platform for Online Tarot Reading

Many people want to feel more personally connected to their tarot reader and find that the video gives them the right experience. One of the top-rated services for this is Oranum.

Oranum is a video-only online psychic streaming platform and a really good tarot reading site and has a huge range of readers: over 200.

Free access to live-streamed psychic content

You can watch any psychic's live streaming channel to get an idea of ​​his/her skills and style - readers from all over the world work in different languages. They also do regular voice calls and emails, but it's over video calls that their service really stands out.

Tarot Card Readings
  • love 
  • clairvoyant 
  • Astrology 
  • Dreams 
  • leader 
  • family 
  • career 
  • Numerology 
  • Astrologer 
  • sound bath 
  • pet psychic

Best Tarot Reading Sites - What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot card reading is a type of reading in which a counselor uses tarot cards to gain information about the past, present, and future.

There are dozens of online tarot card readings. They vary according to the "spread" or pattern in which the tarot card reader lays out the cards. Different card positions have different meanings in different spreads.

Common tarot card readings include single card answers, three card tarot overlays for past, present, and future, and Celtic crosses.

The Celtic Cross is a ten-card tarot deck that gives you a deep insight into you, your background, situation, others in it, past, present, immediate future, and end result.

Are online tarot readings accurate?

Yes, online tarot readings can be shockingly accurate.

One advantage of tarot reading is that even in the hands of an inexperienced tarot reader, the cards can still tell the truth (if interpreted correctly).

For this reason, in my experience at least, it is recommended that you hire a professional psychic to interpret them for you (preferably through reliable psychic websites).

The default interpretation of each map may change depending on the surrounding maps. For this reason, it is important to seek the advice of experienced psychics who understand how the different cards speak to each other in tarot readings.

Can You Do Tarot Reading Online?

Yes, an experienced tarot reader can do tarot readings online by phone, online chat, or by video.

 While both virtual methods are reliable, if you prefer to read your tarot in action, I recommend using a reading platform that offers video readings, as it is the closest thing to physical tarot readings. Looking for clairvoyants without anyone asking me.

Should I do software reading or live tarot reading?

If you are new to tarot, live tarot readings are much better than software reading as the cards tell a story and it is important to get an experienced guide to interpret the story properly.

It's tempting to get a quick free tarot reading online from a virtual tarot deck on a random website. However, you run the risk of misinterpreting feedback from the website, which can make free online perception measurement via AI a challenge.

For example, at one of these psychic services, you can draw a "moon" card to a position that corresponds to your current position. These can be dreams or deceptions. A gifted psychic can see the surrounding maps and interpret them in context.

Getting a free tarot reading online can certainly be fun... If you have genuine concerns or concerns that you want to address, it's best to stay away from free tarot readings offered by AI-based websites. This is especially true for less trustworthy online reading sites that make money from "interesting" ads on the site.

How Can Tarot Reading Help Me?

Tarot readings can help with many aspects of your life, the decisions you make, the clarity you desire, the wisdom you need to move forward, and so on.

Tarot is a descriptive tool that uses symbols to answer questions.

Because of this, it's great for making decisions when you're stuck. These symbols can be applied in a variety of situations, from reading about love to reading about family or money. This makes Tarot a great tool for answering any type of question.

How Do I Understand Tarot Card Deck?

The best way to understand tarot decks is to consult one of the trusted online psychics' experts mentioned above. They can guide you through the various questions and explain what messages are coming.

After that, working with your tarot cards may be an option. Psychic reading websites can help you interpret the different meanings of upright and inverted cards.

As you learn, explore deep, varied interpretations of each card to better understand its meaning in different contexts.