What are Tarot Cards and How do They Work

The earliest tarot decks date back to at least the 15th century in Italy. The designs may also have roots in older Islamic cultures, but not much is known before this time. Tarot was originally a game called "Tarochi". But it was not until the eighteenth century that the tarot began to be used for divine purposes in the rest of Europe, from where it became very popular as a way of seeing the past, present, and future.

Tarot is similar to a deck of tarot cards consisting of four suits, each suit going from Ace to 10 and then the four royal cards of Page, Knight (Jack), Queen, and King. The difference from playing cards here is in connecting the pages. These cards are known as the "Minor Arcana".


There are also 21 primitive cards called "Major Arcana" that are not seen in playing cards.

Some promote tarot as a means of predicting your future, a tarot reading is meant to provide guidelines that allow you to make specific decisions about your future.

Reading can bring solutions and solutions to the obstacles that a person may face in the future.

Whether you want to gain clarity or come to terms with a sad or traumatic event, a tarot reading can bring you loving encouragement, support, and positivity.

There are two types of question and answer sessions (the most common) of tarot readings or an open reading to help with more complex questions.

The basic read is a spread of three cards; in this case, after shuffling, the psychic divide the deck into three equal parts. The person then chooses a card from each pile and places it faces up.

The card on the left represents the story associated with the question, while the card in the middle describes the current scenario, and the card on the right details a possible future.


A four-card tarot spread reveals the answer to a specific question, again requiring a shuffle of cards, this time the psychic will choose four cards and spread them face down, left to right, on the table.

The person can then turn them over to reveal the meaning by reading them from the left, the first card in the past, the second in the present, the third in the future, and the fourth in the answer to the question.

The fourth card indicates the measure that is needed to achieve a positive result.

Please note that each card has a different image with a different meaning, also note cards that are face down or to the right have different meanings.

The spreads can be modified for different situations and specific topics that interest the individual while reading.

Tarot readings are very popular and a simple internet search provides people with dozens of free online tarot psychics, readings can be daily, monthly, weekly or yearly.

Before reading, it is important to clear your mind and be in a relaxed state.

It is very difficult to get a good tarot reading if you do not have a clear mind about everything.


The key to this is to leave some flexibility and room for open interpretation during the reading, once the person is ready to ask specific questions, but in more detail.

Don't be afraid to shuffle the cards if the psychic allows it, and always choose wisely when a card comes up.

Tarot readings can help encourage you to connect with your intuition and make positive decisions.

If you are looking to gain a new perspective on life, then Tarot Reading could be for you!

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