Why Can Only Women Do Tarot Card Reading?

1. Tarot reading.

To find out the future, horoscope assistance, palmistry, and numerology are taken. Among all these methods that exist to answer hidden questions in the world of astrology, there are also other methods called Tarot Card Reading.

2. Play cards

This tarot card, which looks like a playing card, has some mysterious symbolic symbols on those who can predict future events with the person concerned. The card itself answered the person's question, depending on the situation that happened to them.

3. Development of reading tarot

You will be surprised to learn that this tarot card reading method, which provides accurate information about the future, was first adopted as an entertainment media in Italy in the fourteenth century. But soon this knowledge spread to many countries in Europe and gradually it was adopted as esoteric science to know the future, not as a mere entertainment method. In the 18th century, Tarot card readings became very popular in England and France too.

4. Ability to guess

Numbers, colors, signs, and five elements such as earth, water, fire, air, and sky are shown on tarot cards, based on where the future is estimated. You have to see that most people who read tarot cards are women. The reason behind this is that tarot cards are a system where there is no point in mathematics, only the ability to guess must be accurate and accurate. It is also scientifically proven that the ability to guess is more in women than in men.

5. Deck

In the tarot card reading, predictions are made based on the meaning of images and symbols on the cards that are removed from the deck, what they appoint, in which your future can change. Is. Also, the cards show the present time and the mental condition of the questionnaire.

6. Arcana

There are 78 cards in the Tarot, from which 22 cards are large Arcana, Arcana said from Latin which means mysterious, and 56 cards are small arcana. Of the 56 minor cards, 16 is called the Royal Arcana or court card, which includes cards such as King, Queen, Knight, and Pages. 56 cards included in Arcana Minor are divided into 4 parts called sticks, cups, sodders, and pittacles. The number is very important in the minor arcana.

7. Major Arcana

While on the one hand, the main arcana reveals the basic elements of the universe and various zodiac signs, the Minor Arcana applies these elements to daily events and tells what will happen in the future.

8. Minor Arcana

Four parts of the minor arcana in tarot card readings are sticks: stick cards that give birth to energy, confidence, risk, will, strength, creativity, and creativity. KAPS: KAPS cards represent the expression of desires, desires, wedding life, love, humanity, and spirituality. Sodsor: shows hatred, hostility, speed, science, logic, justice, warriors, and mental clarity. Pentacles: It is business, finance, industry, health, wealth, and creativity.

9. The Importance of the Card

In addition to underage, the main arcana consists of cards from 0-22 which is very important. Let's tell you the meaning of all these cards.

Why Can Only Women Do Tarot Card Reading

10. Flowers

0 means interest (stupid): This card is considered a symbol of some unexpected events or information that will occur in the future. This information or event has the power to change the assessment and interests of the questionnaire.

11. Magician

1 i.e. Magician: Lord this card is planet Mercury, which is considered a symbol of new opportunities, companies, determination, and perseverance. This shows that the person concerned will start some new jobs with full enthusiasm.

12. High priest

2 i.e. The High Priestess: This card guides mystery. This means that some mysteries will be revealed or the questioner wants him to uncover the mystery.

13. Empress

3 Empress (Empress): This card is said to be a symbol of love, trust, birth, and prosperity, it shows some lucky events to happen soon. Card 4 is the Emperor (Maharaja) the sign of the zodiac is Aries. This card is also said to be a symbol of the influence of men. That is, someone's life will be influenced by a father, son, or other male members.

14. Hierophant

5 The Hierophant (Astrologer): This Taurus card signifies moral law, intelligence, wisdom, advice, practicality, or spiritual master. 6 Beloved is a symbol of love or a loving partner. This means that love knocks on the lives of the person, the Kasus itself cannot recognize.

15. The Chariot

7 The Chariot: This zodiac cancer card is said to be a symbol of struggle, conflict, and its next victory. If the questionnaire will go through a period of struggle, then he must continue his efforts because there is a possibility of getting success.

16. Justice

8 Justice (Judge): This card signifies justice and honesty and represents balance in everything. Show justice and honesty with all in terms of partnerships, litigation, etc.

17. Hermit

9 The Hermit (Sanyasin): This card symbolizes self-analysis and a desire for peace and solitude. It gives a warning to the questionnaire that there is no decision that must be taken in a hurry or impatient. Be sure to consult a trusted person before jumping into any conclusion. While the 10 wheel of Fortune (Bhagya Chakra) represents luck, it means a lucky and golden future. This is also the fate that you come to the sea of ​​this existence and not from your own will. The end of the existing problems and gives results from the efforts made in the past. But if it comes in an unfavorable form, good fortune is also taken away.

18. His strength

11 Strength: This refers to manifesting not only physical strength but also the ability to act easily under heavy pressure conditions, which culminated in success. 12 Hangman (Ganganging) cards whose elements are water and planet-Neptune, symbolize land or emotional sacrifice from the questioner.

women do tarot card reading

19. Death

15 The Devil (Satan): This card is a profitable sign, if the questioner is with a commitment in the marriage or sincerity of relations, it must be considered a symbol of truth, honesty, and loving loyalty. 16 Menara (Tower) Planet This card is Mars, after death and the devil, this card is a symbol of extreme fears and unfavorable events.

20. Stars

17 stars: This card's zodiac sign is Aquarius which will provide favorable results in the future. Thanks, hopes, loyalty, and perseverance are contained in this card. Moon Card (Moon) which symbolizes Pisces indicates an intense emotional expression and questioning skepticism.

21. Sun

19 (Sun): Lord this card is the solar planet itself, which shows that time to come full of happiness. Have fun, family time awaits you. Maybe some good news will also come.

22. Judgment

20 Judgment: Planet This card is Pluto which also signifies fire elements. This card will give you the results of your efforts in the past. It also signifies the beginning of new works. 21 The World (Vishva) The ruler of this card is a Planet Saturn, which indicates the fulfillment and victory of desire.

23. Tarot card reading limit

There are several limitations to reading tarot cards and knowing the future, first of all, to know the future of tarot cards, the environment must be calm and there should be no type of negativity there. The questioner can choose the selection card, but he gets an answer to the question only in "yes" or "no" because the time of the events and the effectiveness of those known under the reading of tarot cards can be estimated.

24. Answer the question

When someone is entangled in all kinds of mental disorders achieves tarot card readings with problems in the form of questions, then with the help of tarot cards, he must have received the answer to be chosen. But after asking one question, the two-hour gap between asking another question is considered a minimum.