What is a Tarot Card Reading? Explain

In Vedic astrology, the way palmistry, horoscope has been studied to know one's future, similarly, in today's time, one method is included in these methods or we can say that nowadays a new method has become prevalent through which The future is known. Although this method is prevalent since ancient times, in today's time this method of knowing the future is used in every country. This method is called Tarot Card Reading.

In tarot card reading, all the tarot cards of the tarot deck are seen on top of the five elements like color, number, sign, water, earth, fire, sky, and air. The future of man is predicated on the basis of the symbolic pictures on all these tarot cards. Tarot cards are used for psychic readings. The Tarot card method is used in today's time to solve many kinds of problems in human life. In today's time, many people believe in Tarot card reading to get answers to questions about their future and to give a direction to their life.


History of Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card reading, the mode of astrology, started about two thousand years ago. It is believed that the first attempt at tarot card reading was done by the people of a country called Celtic to know the future. At that time tarot cards were made of wood, which made it a bit difficult to understand the pictures above. But over time, these tarot cards were made from paper-like ordinary cards. Tarot card reading became more popular in 1971 when these tarot cards were used for entertainment in Italy. Earlier these tarot cards were used only for playing like normal playing cards but after 1971 these tarot cards came to be used for astrology and prediction of the future and later this method of knowing the future by tarot cards was introduced. came to be known as tarot card reading. After Italy, this tarot card reading method also became popular in France and England. In today's time, there is a lot of tarot card reading in India too.

Why are Tarot Cards Used?

If you are going through a crisis in your life or you are going through a period of uncertainty in life then a Tarot card reading can be a good suggestion for you. Tarot card reading can help you to know the reality going on in your life.


Two people are required during a tarot card reading. One of the two people will be a tarot card reader and the other person will question the card reader about his future. Just as horoscope and palmistry can be seen by not seeing any common person but only a person having knowledge of astrology, in the same way, it is not so easy to read Tarot card. Only a person who has experience and knowledge of astrology will understand the Tarot card because the information related to the future is contained in it through symbolic pictures.

At the time of tarot card reading, the person who wishes to know the future, the same person spins the card and another person reads these tarot cards and understands the information hidden in them through the pictures made on the tarot card and it's Later, the person in front tells him the information related to his future. This mode of astrology is associated with faith and belief. If a person does not believe in Tarot Card Reading, then he should not do it. Some people see tarot card reading with a superstitious point of view but it is true that tarot cards are used to know the future. (Tarot cards are used to know about the future.)

Way to Know Future Through Tarot Card

With the help of the following methods, the future can be known through the Tarot card –

In a first way, with the help of three Tarot cards, the future is known. These three tarot cards are used for our past, present, and future tenses. These three cards tell about the timing of our three dashas and accordingly represent different problems and solutions.


In the second method, five cards are used. Out of the five cards used during this method, two cards represent our problems, two cards indicate suggestions and one card represents the mentality of the person asking the question.

In the third method of tarot card reading, seven tarot cards are used, out of which two cards represent the problems of the person and the remaining five cards appear to show the ways to avoid those problems.

Tarot Card Reading Process

Although Tarot Reading is an astrology method, Tarot card reading mode is also different from other astrology genres. While doing tarot card reading, it is necessary to be calm because tarot card reading is related to our subconscious mind. Let us know the Tarot Card Reading Process.

  • It is mandatory to have two people at the time of tarot card reading. One Tarot card reader and the other questioner (the person who has to get his tarot card read).
  • The person should think about his question in his mind in advance that what he is going to ask.
  • After asking your question, you have to choose three cards one by one.
  • The tarot card reader will take a good look at these three cards you have selected and answer your questions.
  • The first card will always show how the person was in his mental state when he asked the question.
  • The second card represents the solution to the problems faced by the native.
  • The third card will give the native a complete answer to the question asked by him.

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